Palate surgery: what we are facing

Maggie cl surgery 020

Maggie’s cleft palate will be repaired on Tuesday, May 27th at UAB in Birmingham. Her surgeon says any cleft surgeon would call this photo of her “intimidating”. Zoom in on the photo if you want a good look at just how wide her cleft palate is.

We have every confidence in Dr. Ray and, more importantly, in our God, Who heals and sustains. But we are also aware that Maggie’s cleft is “challenging” (again, per Dr. Ray).

A wide cleft would be anything 10 cm or larger. Maggie’s cleft is about 16 cm. wide. The biggest concern is that Maggie will develop a fistula (a hole in the palate that develops post-surgery). We chose Dr. Ray for many reasons, but a major factor was that his success rate is so high.

Maggie cl surgery 040Maggie February 2014

We are amazed and have so much gratitude and awe for the skilled man who did such a phenomenal job on Maggie’s lip repair.

Nonetheless, he wants us to be aware that she is a prime candidate for developing a fistula because her cleft is just. that. wide.

Dr. Ray has several different techniques in his arsenal that he can use to close her palate. In most cases he can choose one or two of them. In Maggie’s case he will likely need to use every single skill in his toolbox to get that wide gap closed.

He believes he can do it. And so do we. But it won’t be easy and we are asking you to pray for her, that God will guide the surgeon’s hands and mind and that He will ordain success and no further palate surgery for little Mags.

mags park may 2014




3 thoughts on “Palate surgery: what we are facing

    • Thank you for praying, Mimi! I have been trying to post an update here but it is proving hard to do with my phone. Maggie died great and recovery is going well. We are praising God!

  1. Hi friends,I am a good friend of Virginia Everett.our prayer group has been praying for Maggie and the surgery. Several have asked how the surgery has gone. We would love to know of an update. Thank you and continuing to pray. Fill a schedule

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