Maggie’s Birthday

It’s Maggie’s 1st birthday today!  I wrote a post about some of my thoughts here.

We had birthday cake after lunch today and big sister Keeper got to blow out the candle.  She thought that after we had cake we would get to go to China.  I wish!

After cake we took some time to pray for Maggie.  We are praying she will be able to bond with us and attach to us.  Now that she is one year old, there is a strong possibility that she will be moved into a new room, with different care givers and different children.  I tried to help our kids imagine what it would be like if they were taken out of our home and put into one of the neighbors homes, to be raised by new parents and with new siblings.  That must be a little bit what it will feel like for Maggie when she is moved to a new room.  And in a couple months it will happen to her again, when she joins our family.  We know it is a good thing for her to come into our family, but for her it will be yet one more major transition within a short period of time.  We are praying the Lord will help her little heart to weather all these major life changes.

Maggie 1st birthday cake 3 crop

I had so hoped that we would have her home by now and that she wouldn’t have to transition to a new room in the orphanage at all.  I had hoped that at least we would be in China celebrating her first birthday together.

The snafu in the new Chinese database made that an impossibility, and now it will be fall before we can get to her.

I am relieved, though, that at least we have that precious document that we needed to start moving forward again.  Things are already rolling on the American immigration side and I fully expect we’ll have our 800 approval next week.  Then it will be just a few more steps until we get the word that we can make our travel plans!