Child Desired form

It has been really hard to complete the Child Desired Form.

I saved it until the very last thing.

The Birmingham International Adoption Clinic seminar we watched early in our training phase was really helpful, but I still felt like there were so many things to consider and it has been somewhat overwhelming.

I have pored over the posts on No Hands But Ours, as well as many of the blogs linked there relating to a variety of special needs.  I have talked to friends who have adopted, and still didn’t have much clarity on what special needs we should be open to.

All along I have felt very drawn to Club Foot.  I feel like we need to be open to Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate, as that is the most commonly referred correctable need from China, though I have some concerns about the number of surgeries and the years of speech therapy.

I have been thinking about heart conditions, too.

Am I the type of parent that can handle surgeries?  Sometimes I can be known to freak out when my children have minor illnesses like fevers and congestion.  It will really stretch me if our adopted child needs to have surgeries.  I was a wreck when our youngest got ear tubes last year, and that is minor outpatient surgery.  They let me come back until she was asleep, and watching them put her under with general anesthesia made me cry.  I guess I’m a wimp.

But this form has to be done.  Today.  We are leaving for vacation tomorrow and this is the final thing I need to cross off my current to do list.

I had dropped this form off for our pediatrician last week, so I called her today and was able to talk with her about it.  She very kindly walked me through the entire form, explaining everything and helping me to figure out what could be considered minor or correctable needs and what was more major and involved.

Club Foot, Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate, and heart conditions correctable with surgery (aside from Tetrology of Fallot) all stayed on the list.

And now it has been sent.  It’s done.

I wonder what the Lord has for us?  I hope it won’t be too long before we find out!